Rich Westelman

Rich Westelman

Head, Finance & Admin

Rich is LifePod’s EVP of Finance and Administration. His strategic vision is instrumental to LifePod’s financial and business transformation, ultimately expanding the company’s capability to fulfill its caregiving mission.

Prior to LifePod: Rich’s vast experience in startup and technology companies includes:

  • CFO and Head of HR, Jibo
  • COO, SVP-Sales & Client Services, Sermo
  • Marketing and Business Development, EnglishCentral
  • Director, Hitachi Consulting
  • CFO, SpeechWorks (now Nuance)

“I am building LifePod for my mom who passed away 2+ years ago. I wish that LifePod existed then to connect us more closely, help monitor her daily status and make her day-to-day life a little more comfortable and enjoyable. We would have been ideal users.”

Rich’s experience as a remote caregiver for his late mother left an indelible mark and serves as the “why” behind his work at LifePod. At the time, Rich, his sister and mother resided in three different states separated by thousands of miles. By building LifePod, Rich hopes that no remote caregiver has to experience the anguish he felt caring for his mom from a distance without the support of a tool like LifePod.