Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

EVP, Business Development

Joe is LifePod’s EVP of Business Development. His personalized and dynamic approach to growth and sales at LifePod delivers the solution of proactive-voice and virtual care to those who need it most.

Prior to LifePod: With more than 30 years of experience in sales leadership, Joe strategized and led the advancement of a variety of technology companies, including:

  • SVP Sales, BigBelly
  • EVP, ByAllAccounts
  • SVP, Birst
  • SVP Sales, SpeechWorks (now Nuance)

“LifePod has become an integrated part of the daily support of my in-laws, Bob and Millie. It helps Millie take care of Bob and herself at the same time. What is most impressive is how Millie, age 79, updates it daily and comments on how easy it is to use.”

Joe and his wife are devoted parents to, advocates for and caregivers of their two sons. Their son, Sean, is on the autism spectrum and needs caregiving support to fully participate in a line of work and socially engaging activities. This experience fuels Joe every day to fulfill LifePod’s mission. Joe also serves as one of five LifePod Care Team members for both his mother-in-law and father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. Living remotely in Florida, LifePod not only addresses their caregiving needs, it also provides his mother-in-law with a support system that is so critical for caregivers to stay balanced and at their best.