Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Director, Engineering

Dale Smith is LifePod’s Director of Engineering. Dale’s perpetual drive to improve the quality and efficiency of LifePod through an agile software development approach, though done behind-the-scenes, is directly felt by those using LifePod in the homes of their loved ones.

Prior to LifePod: Dale’s extensive software development experience includes:

  • Director of Core Technology Development, Jibo
  • Software Development Manager, Quickbase
  • Software Development Manager, Intuit
  • Senior Manager Engineering, Mobility R&D, Nuance
  • Senior Engineering Manager, SpeechWorks (now Nuance)

“I’m on this journey in memory of my father, who might still be here if he’d had a LifePod.”

Dale is passionate about LifePod making a positive difference and allowing people to lead healthier, happier and less isolated lives in their own homes. He feels the real-life impact of LifePod every day as a caregiver for his in-laws who share a LifePod device in their home.