Patient-Centered Healthcare in the Home

Healthier Patients, Happier Caregivers

LifePod offers you a cost-efficient yet naturally engaging way to ensure your patients feel cared for around the clock even though you can’t always be there. LifePod’s two-way, AI-powered voice dialogs allow care professionals to remotely monitor and support healthy habits between visits with their geographically distributed patients.

  • Tracks patients’ care plan adherence and wellness routines on a daily basis
  • Improves the efficiency and efficacy of caregivers’ scheduled visits and check-ups
  • Provides virtual care between the visits of health care professionals and sends customizable text alerts and daily reports directly to the care team
  • Enriches communication with patients based on a shared record of customized health and wellness routines and responses
  • Offers both detailed, personalized data and longitudinal insight into patient well-being to proactively address health or loneliness concerns

Meet Gloria

“We talk…I look forward to hear her (LifePod) wake me up. When I hear the signal, I’m coming out. I’m not missing anything.”

Gloria is originally from Jamaica, and lives independently. Her two sons live in the area and look in on her regularly. She has a green thumb and is passionate about tending to her plants.  She depends on LifePod to keep her on track with medications and appointments.

Prompts 11-12 per day
Types Care Plan, Wellness and Engagement
Unique Prompt Reminder to take a walk in the hallway
Care Team Care Partner and Family

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