Family Care and Support

Peace of Mind

LifePod provides you with greater peace of mind knowing that your loved one is monitored and supported remotely while helping them to feel more connected and to lead a healthy, safe and engaging lifestyle.

  • Improves your loved one’s self-care and supports a more independent lifestyle
  • Enables you to structure and support your loved ones’ schedules, tasks and reminders… when you can’t be there yourself
  • Reinforces healthy habits with proactive prompts, such as reminders to take medications, exercise, eat, hydrate, sleep or socialize and positive reinforcement or encouragement no matter how your loved one responds
  • Provides a sense of companionship through its friendly, personalized voice and access to engaging content and online entertainment, including music, news and weather
  • Offers a cost-effective and engaging way to support your loved one’s decision to live and thrive in their own home without requiring expensive and frequent in-person visits even for relatively small things (e.g., reminders or check-ins).

Meet Marlene & Arthur

“LifePod really helps us remember which medication we should be taking. We’ve also learned that when we follow the healthy habit reminders, we have more energy later in the day.”

Marlene and Arthur are about to celebrate their 58th anniversary. They are still healthy and live in their own home. They each take multiple medications daily, and found it challenging to manage what to take when, and sometimes forgot what they had already taken!

Prompts 7-9 per day
Types Care Plan, Wellness and Engagement
Unique Prompt All our morning reminders
Care Team Daughter & Son In-Law

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