Caregiving Throughout Each Life Stage

Whether you’re caring for a loved one in their home, providing visiting healthcare services, or managing an assisted-living facility, LifePod will help you offer a range of value-added services to your care recipients and will enable you to collect and, where appropriate, share essential data about their wellbeing with loved ones and staff alike.

Family Care and Support

Peace of Mind

LifePod provides you with the peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for and supported remotely through routines or dialogs that have been personalized by you… from across the street or across the globe.


Patient-Centered Healthcare in the Home

Healthier Patients, Happier Caregivers

LifePod enhances the provision of patient-centered care through routines that encourage and support care plan adherence, overall wellness and social engagement while providing useful data and longitudinal insights to care providers.


Community Care and Support

Independence, Wellness and Community

Enable your residents to lead an independent, engaging and healthy lifestyle thanks to LifePod’s routines that have been customized by their family members or your staff (or both!) and designed to support your residents’ overall wellbeing and quality of life.