Remind Your Loved One of Special Events and Celebrations

Help your loved one celebrate special events with annual LifePod reminders encouraging them to send a birthday card, wish a dear friend a happy anniversary or mail a graduation note!


Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal and click “Create Reminder” to create your own routine or save time by personalizing the “Upcoming Birthday” template.


Use the sample routine below for inspiration!

Bobby’s Birthday Reminder

Initial Prompt: Just a friendly reminder that Bobby’s birthday is on Tuesday. If you mail his card today, he’ll get it right on time. He’s going to love it!

Select “Perform a follow-up check-in” scheduled on Bobby’s birthday

Initial Question: Today is Bobby’s birthday! Would you like him to give you a call so you can sing him “Happy Birthday”?

Reply if answer is positive: You’ve got it! I’ll let him know to call you.

Reply if answer is negative: I’m sure he loves
your birthday card!

Be sure to select “Alert me via text” for this routine to get real-time insight into your loved one’s response.