Early Bird Special


A savings of 15%!

We understand the burden of caregiving and hope to ease every step of that journey for you, including your purchase of LifePod. For that reason, we’re offering 5 months of the LifePod Premier subscription for 15% off AND we will include a sixth month for free.

The Premier subscription includes access to all of LifePod’s Caregiver Portal and one of iHome’s latest smart speakers: the iHome iLP14.


  • 6 month Subscription to the LifePod Premier
    • Proactive Voice Dialogs
      Configurable check-ins, Q&A and reminders
    • Voice Content
      Access to streaming weather, news & music
    • Reactive Voice (Wake-Word)
      “Hello LifePod” to wake it up & ask questions/commands
  • Unlimited access to the LifePod Caregiver Portal
  • iHome iLP14 Smart Speaker

Estimated Shipping: Fall 2019