Morning Check-In for Peace of Mind

Start your day off with peace of mind knowing that LifePod is checking in on your loved one with this morning routine. A text alert can then notify you that your loved one is out of bed and responding to their personalized and friendly LifePod prompt.


Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal and select the “Morning Check-In” template for a pre-filled routine or select “Create Check-In” for a blank routine. From there, customize the frequency, timing and voice prompts to tailor the message to your loved one’s schedule and preference.


Use the example below to get started!

Initial Question: Good morning! Did you sleep well last night?

Reply if answer is positive: That’s wonderful news. Have a fantastic day.

Reply if answer is negative: I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll let your son know right away.

Opt into text alerts to be notified if your loved one responded positively, negatively, was not understood and/or did not respond at all.