Meet Bob and Janet

Bob and Janet are a loving husband and wife who are leading a fulfilling life as they age-in-place together in Wingate’s independent living community. A former pastor for a congregation in upstate New York, Janet now devotes much of her time to caring for her husband and building a new life in Massachusetts. Prior to retiring, Bob worked for 30 years as a manufacturing supervisor and business system architect for Kodak. Though he now faces complex and progressive medical challenges that restrict him to a wheel chair, his independent spirit is evident. Not to be forgotten is Rocky, their adored Terrier whose affection and calming presence are a part of Bob and Janet’s care team, family and daily lives.

Managing Before LifePod

In December of 2018, Bob and Janet moved to Wingate with two goals in mind: to maintain their independent life together and to be in closer proximity to Bob’s oldest daughter, who visits almost daily. As they settled into their new surroundings, Janet created reminders on her phone to manage daily living activities and Bob’s medications schedule. However, she found that it was difficult to then communicate the reminders to Bob or one of his visiting caregivers when she was away from the residence.

Bob and Janet learned about LifePod and quickly recognized its potential as a thoughtful support system that would easily allow them to manage their health and wellness activities, care for Rocky, enhance their quality of life and expand their circle of support.

Wingate with LifePod

Getting started with LifePod was quick and easy. In ten minutes, Janet was creating personalized routines to play throughout the day at specified times. She included the name of Bob’s daughter in their daily hydration prompt and even infused humor into several reminders by phrasing them from the perspective of Rocky. At 8:30 each morning, LifePod announces, “Rocky says, ‘feed me please!’” The customization in each prompt not only relays an important message, it creates a feeling of joy. “We chuckle when we hear it, say thank you and then do what it tells us to do!” For Bob, he simply has to listen to LifePod and respond. “It’s a good system. It’s easy enough to just use!”

Today, Janet and Bob have a multitude of routines that support their wellness, remind them of small tasks that can fall by the wayside during a busy day and keep their entire care team on the same page. “We use it for the medicine schedule, reminders, taking care of the dog, healthy habits and even for engagement.” Bob and Janet use LifePod to listen to their favorite music, including tunes by James Taylor. When caregivers visit their residence, the LifePod continues to play the pre-scheduled routines and keeps each visitor attentive to important tasks, removing the need for Janet to use phone reminders and relay the messages back to anyone visiting Bob.

Connecting Through LifePod

LifePod goes beyond just reminders for Bob. “It gives me a companion to be with during the day when I’m alone.” Additionally, both Janet and Bob give credit to LifePod for reconnecting them with Bob’s three children. “Information about how the kids can link up to LifePod was a catalyst for connecting with them.” In addition to easing their daily lives, LifePod has proven itself to be more than just technology. In the words of Bob’s daughter, “LifePod is becoming part of the family!’