Lights Out Routine

Shutting down appliances, turning off lights, locking doors and charging phones are often part of our nightly routines but can be difficult for our loved ones to remember. The “Lights Out” routine can support your loved one in completing these tasks and offer you peace of mind every evening.

Use the example below to get started! Log into your LifePod Caregiver Portal account and select “Create Reminder”.

Initial Prompt: It’s 9:00 PM. Time to lock, light and charge! Lock the front door, turn off the kitchen light and charge your cell phone.

Select “Perform a follow-up check-in”

Initial Question: It’s 9:15 PM. Did you lock, light and charge?

Reply if answer is positive: Great! Your son will be thrilled to hear that. Goodnight!

Reply if answer is negative: Ok. Now would be a good time to do all three things so your son knows you’re safe and sound!

Be sure to opt into text alerts for real-time insight into the progress of your loved one’s “Lights Out” routine.