LifePod Featured in U.S. News: Alexa for Healthy Aging at Home

“Alexa is a revolutionary new product,” says Stuart Patterson, co-founder and CEO of LifePod Solutions, a tech startup in Boston. But for seniors and their caregivers, having a virtual assistant that does what the senior tells it to isn’t enough, he says. That is where his company’s“virtual caregiver” comes in.

LifePod is bringing together the existing Alexa technology and skill set with its own proprietary technology that is designed to initiate conversations and services with seniors and patients, truly caring for them in a way that a real caregiver does — i.e. regular reminders and check-ins; assistance with medicine schedules; conversational dialogue and access to the weather, news and entertainment.

As the U.S. News & World Report article highlights, new technologies such as LifePod are becoming available to the senior population in way they have never been before – they are designed for this user, taking down barriers that historically made it difficult for elderly to use and benefit from the services…

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