LifePod announces that it is working on a multi-agent device to combine our LifePod proactive voice capability with Amazon’s Alexa

LifePod Solutions Inc. is excited to announce that we are working on a multi-agent device to combine our LifePod proactive voice capability with Amazon’s Alexa. 

Earlier today (July 21 2021) at Alexa Live 2021 we demonstrated an early version of our cutting-edge innovative device, which will allow users to access LifePod and it’s full range of proactive routines as well as Alexa.   

With the new LifePod-Alexa multi-agent device, users will now be able to talk to Alexa through their LifePod device. This means that you’ll now be able to use Alexa capabilities such as controlling your smart home devices, smart light bulbs, and play voice based games, like Jeopardy as well as accessing Amazon Music. 

All LifePod proactive routines will still play even when you’re listening to content like music or an audio-book on Alexa so you’ll never miss important health and wellness reminders. 

LifePod will be announcing more information about the availability of the LifePod-Alexa multi-agent device towards the end of 2021. 

The LifePod-Alexa multi-agent device was made possible with the help of Linkplay Technology Inc. and HAJEN Corp. who provided assistance with firmware and hardware enablement respectively. 

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About LifePod 

LifePod is a proactive voice remote monitoring and caregiving platform that identifies and manages social, behavioral and medical needs, increases engagement and reduces isolation. LifePod’s caregiving service helps families to care for their loved ones without being there in person, and healthcare organizations to care for their patients in their homes, by providing caregivers with greater peace of mind and care recipients with ongoing support, increased independence and better health outcomes.


About Alexa 

Alexa is a cloud-based service that powers devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, and more. The Alexa service is always getting smarter, both for features, and for natural language understanding and accuracy. Because Alexa’s brains are in the AWS cloud, she continually learns and adds more functionality, every hour, every day.