LifePod Announces Inaugural Launch of the First Proactive-Voice Caregiving Service

LifePod now available to enhance the caregiving and monitoring capabilities of family caregivers, senior living communities and in-home care organizations

BOSTON – November 12, 2019 – LifePod®Solutions Inc., the first proactive-voice caregiving service designed to improve the quality of life of caregivers and care recipients alike, announced its inaugural launch in the middle of National Family Caregivers Month. LifePod’s innovative integration of voice-first user interface technologies, AI and personalization capabilities enables both family and professional caregivers to customize their support and monitoring of loved ones aging in place, senior community residents and in-home care and healthcare clients.

The announcement comes on the heels of a remarkedly successful 18 months of testing, the establishment of important strategic partnerships with industry leaders and, most recently, the selection of LifePod by Advocate Aurora Health and MATTER as winner of their 2019 Health Tech Venture Challenge which asked digital health startups nationwide to “reimagine the aging experience.” The Health Tech Venture Challenge judges chose LifePod, from among 62 applicants, for “their novel, easy-to-use and personalized approach that not only improves health outcomes for aging adults, but also addresses their unmet social and environmental needs.”

To date, LifePod’s caregiver-customizable, proactive-voice solution has been selected by major senior care and connected healthcare service providers such as Wingate Healthcare, HomeThrive, Commonwealth Care Alliance and MobileHelp. In addition, LifePod and the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation recently announced they are collaborating on a study of the potential of proactive-voice caregiving to support care plan adherence among those suffering from chronic heart conditions.

LifePod CEO and Cofounder, Stu Patterson, noted: “Our LifePod team is comprised of dedicated caregivers, voice/AI technology leaders and online services experts — we’ve combined our personal and professional expertise to revolutionize how caregivers monitor and support their clients and their loved ones by harnessing the power of proactive voice.” Patterson continued: “Our mission is to ease the burden of and offer greater peace of mind to caregivers while simultaneously providing their care recipients with an online service that’s not only easy to talk to but also helps them to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, and to live independently longer.”

LifePod’s Caregiver Portal and Dialog Management System offers family and professional caregivers the ability to customize voice dialogs, that are proactively spoken aloud by the LifePod-Powered iHome iLP14 smart speaker, in order to meet the unique needs of their loved ones or clients. The care recipient simply responds to each pre-scheduled routine without any need to “wake up” the LifePod device or remember how to say a command or ask a question. The LifePod service also enables caregivers to monitor responses remotely and can be configured to send text alerts to members of the caregiving team, if and when warranted, based on the care recipient’s responses.

Patterson added: “LifePod is only launching this incredibly innovative service thanks to the support of our industry-leading development and content partners including: Linkplay Technology, Sensory, iComponent Software, Kanda Software, Cobalt Speech, IOX Engineering, AP News, The Weather Channel and iHeartRadio. We especially want to thank SDI Technologies’ iHome division,” Patterson continued, “whose early support of our vision and commitment to develop the LifePod-Powered iLP14 smart speaker, will enable us to deliver LifePod’s friendly voice, personalized by caregivers, to thousands of grateful care recipients in the coming months.”

LifePod is available for purchase on its website and provides an individualized solution for caregivers ranging from sons and daughters to spouses, neighbors and friends, and to in-home care providers and senior living communities. LifePod subscriptions are priced as follow:

Subscription Packages*

Month-to-Month Semi-Annual Annual
You Pay $49/month $252 $432
You Save $0 $84/year $152/year
Effective Price per Month $49 $42 $36

*The first 1,000 orders will get an iHome iLP14 Powered by LifePod free of charge ($129 value). 


About LifePod Solutions

LifePod Solutions is improving the quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones and clients by providing proactive-voice, intelligent and connected services to support those with chronic health conditions or special needs and older adults as they age in their homes. LifePod’s easy-to-use voice service expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with patented technology and services that support proactive and natural voice dialogs, configured and controlled by remote caregivers using an online portal. LifePod’s virtual caregiving service offers voice-based check-ins and reminders and encourages users to access other online services (e.g., music, weather, etc.) to enhance their day and help them feel more connected. The LifePod team, led by veterans in virtual assistant technology, speech recognition, IoT sensors and online services for aging adults, works closely with families, professional caregivers, and senior living communities to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term care. To learn more or sign up for a LifePod subscription now, visit


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