Laundry Day

Does your loved one need help remembering weekly chores around the house? Let Lifepod help them have a healthy morning! Log into your LifePod Portal and create a new Wellness Check-In and click “Create Your Own” under “Wellness Check-In.” Follow the template, but don’t forget to personalize! Here is an example:

Initial Question: Today is Wednesday, and that means it’s Laundry Day! Would you like to take your clothes for a spin in the machine?

Reply if answer is positive: Good for you! It’s great to be on top of your chores.

Reply if answer is negative: Okay, but you know you need to wash your clothes.

You can select “Weekly” to make this a weekly event at the desired time. You can tell LifePod to alert you if the response is negative by checking the box next to “Text Alert.”