Why is the iHome Powered by LifePod app stuck loading after the device connects to the Wi-Fi?

Once your LifePod device has successfully connected to Wi-Fi in the iHome Powered by LifePod app, it will stop broadcasting the iHome iLP Wi-Fi that you were temporarily connected to. At this point, you must reconnect your phone to the Wi-Fi network that your device is now on. To do this:


    1. Press the home button on your phone to exit the LifePod App
    2. Navigate to your phone’s Settings App
    3. Go to Wi-Fi, and find the network that you just connected your LifePod device to
    4. Select the network and wait for your phone to connect


You may now return to the LifePod app and resume the setup process. The LifePod app should continue to the Set Time Zone page. If the setup process has timed out, you may need to begin the setup process again.

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