LifePod Setup for Android

To set up your iHome Powered by LifePod smart speaker using an Android device:

Before setting up your smart speaker, create your LifePod account in the Caregiver Portal using your LifePod invitation email.

  1. Power on your iHome Powered by LifePod smart speaker:
    • Connect the power adapter to the bottom of the smart speaker
    • Plug into an appropriate outlet. You will hear the smart speaker say, “Wi-Fi mode“ followed by “Welcome! Please download the iHome Powered by LifePod app…”


  1. Download the iHome Powered by LifePod app
    • Connect your Android mobile device to the Wi-Fi network you will be using to connect the smart speaker (only 2.4GHz networks are supported)
    • Open the Google Play Store and search “iHome Powered by LifePod” OR open this link in a web browser on your Android device:
    • Click the iHome Powered by LifePod app
    • Click “Install
    • Once installed, click “Open


  1. Connect the smart speaker to your Wi-Fi
    • Open the LifePod app and click “Let’s Get Started
    • Press and hold the “talk” button on the smart speaker until you hear “Entering setup mode…”
    • Click “Next” in the app
    • Click “Next” again. You will be redirected to your Wi-Fi settings.
    • Select “Allow” in order to access your Wi-Fi settings (LifePod does not collect your actual location)
    • Choose the network beginning with “iHome iLP14 XXXX”. (A notification may pop up stating “Internet is unavailable.” Click OK or Dismiss.)
    • Return to the LifePod companion app and click “Next
    • Select the Wi-Fi network you would like to connect the speaker to, enter the Password and click “Continue
    • Set your care recipient’s time zone. Click “Save


  1. Assign a LifePod care recipient to the speaker:
    • Click “Assign Care Recipient
    • Enter your LifePod email address and password. Click “Log in
    • Confirm or select your care recipient and click “Next
    • After successfully assigning your care recipient, click “Next
    • Click “Close