How do I use the “Hello LifePod” feature?

In addition to proactive routines that play without a “wake word,” LifePod offers a “reactive” feature for music, news, weather and volume



  1. Say, “Hello LifePod” 
  2. Wait for the beep
  3. Give one of the commands below


To listen to an artist music station

“Hello LifePod, play Frank Sinatra.”


To listen to a music genre station

“Hello LifePod, play Big Band.”


To hear the latest news
“Hello LifePod, play the news.”


To listen to the local weather

“Hello LifePod, what’s the weather?”


To adjust the volume

“Hello LifePod, volume up/down.”


To stop music

“Hello LifePod, stop music.”


Click to print out a “Hello LifePod” Command sheet for your care recipient: Hello LifePod Commands