How do I use the “Hello LifePod” feature?

In addition to proactive routines that play without a “wake word,” LifePod offers a “reactive” feature for music, news, weather and volumeSimply say, “Hello LifePod” followed by the desired requests outlined below. 


“Hello LifePod” Commands: 

To request music: 

Hello LifePod. Play [insert artist or genre name]. 


To request the news: 

Hello LifePod. What’s the news? 


To request the weather: 

LifePod will report on local weather based on the care recipient’s zip code in their LifePod settings.

Hello LifePod. What’s the weather? 


 To stop any streaming content: 

 Hello LifePod. Stop. 


To pause music:  

Hello LifePod. Pause. 


To continue playing music: 

Hello LifePod. Continue. 


To change the volume: 

Hello LifePod. Volume up.

Hello LifePod. Volume down.