How do I introduce LifePod to my loved one or care recipient?

Introducing LifePod to your loved one or care recipient is an opportunity to demonstrate that LifePod is an extension of your personalized care and can set your loved one up for success!


To do so:

1. Play each routine on-demand to help your care recipient practice responding using the Tips & Tricks below:

      • Gently remind your care recipient to wait for the beep before responding to a routine.
      • Encourage your care recipient to respond using short, direct answers.
      • Directly face the iHome Powered by LifePod smart speaker when speaking

2. Use your care recipient’s feedback to personalize the voice prompts, timing and frequency to meet their unique needs and to create a customized experience.

3. Add any additional routines your care recipient may request to help build a well-balanced day with LifePod.

4. Introduce the “Hello LifePod” feature, if appropriate.

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