How do I edit a routine?

LifePod routines can be personalized and edited in the Caregiver Portal by all Care Team caregivers. 


To edit a pre-existing Check-In, Reminder or Streaming Content routine:

1. Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal

2. If the routine is scheduled for today, click on it under “Today’s Routines”on the Home Page. Skip to step 5

     If the routine is not scheduled for today, click “Routines” in the navigation bar 

3. Search for the routine by: 

•Filtering routine types by selecting Check-Ins, Reminders or Streaming Content below the “Routines” tab  

•Clicking the blue calendar in the Routines page to select a specific date 

4. Hover your mouse over the desired routine and click “Edit

5. Once in the routine, modify it as needed

6. Click “Save Routine

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