How do I delete a routine?

You can delete check-ins, reminders and streaming content routines in the Caregiver Portal. Once deleted, the routine will no longer be scheduled to play nor will it display in past, current or future routine schedules.  


 To delete a routine:

1. Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal 

2. Click the “Routines” tab in the navigation bar  

3. Select the appropriate routine by using any of these three methods: 

    • Scrolling through the routines for today  
    • Clicking the blue calendar on the Routines page to select a specific date 
    • Filtering routine types by clicking Check-Ins, Reminders or Streaming Content below the “Routines” tab 

 4. Hover your mouse over the desired routine and click “Delete 

 5. Click “Yes” to confirm 


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