How do I add someone to the Care Team?

You can expand your care recipient’s support network by adding Care Team members, including family members, clinicians, residential staff, friends and neighbors. 

Adding a Care Team member will provide that individual with their own Caregiver Portal account where they can manage the care recipient’s routines, care team and customize their email and text notifications. 


To add a new Care Team member:  

  1. Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal
  2. Click the “Care Team” tab 
  3. Click “Add Care Team Member” 
  4. Input the Care Team members first and last name
  5. The Care Team member will automatically be enrolled to receive the care recipient’s daily email report. Deselect the “Send daily report” box to opt out
  6. Select the individual’s relationship to the care recipient
  7. Select the individual’s role 
    • Contacts will not have access to the Portal nor will they receive daily email reports and text message alerts. The contact role can be used to store individual contact information that is easily accessible to the entire Care Team 
  8. Enter the individual’s email address 
    • This email address will be used for the Care Team member’s Caregiver Portal login and will be the email address to which daily reports are sent 
  9. Include the individual’s birthday (optional)  
  10. Enter the individual’s zip code 
  11. Select the individual’s local time zone to ensure that daily email reports and routines are appropriately timed 
  12. Click “Save 

After a Care Team member has been successfully added, they will receive an invitation email from LifePod to create their own account and login.

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