Build a well-balanced routine schedule

Life is all about balance — so is LifePod!


Imagine if you sat in the same room as your care recipient for 12 hours every day. What would you talk about? At LifePod, we’ve found that your answer to that question can help guide you in supporting a well-balanced day for your care recipient with LifePod routines.


We encourage you to create routines that reinforce not only your care recipient’s health and wellness goals but also their social and engagement activities. Try a few of our routine topics below to round out your care recipient’s day.

    • Direct messages from family members
    • Reminders to care for a pet
    • Inspirational quotes
    • Prompts to call an old friend
    • Deep breaths for relaxation


Visit the LifePod Blog to view more of our Weekly Routine ideas for inspiration!

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