Keep Your Loved One Connected With Personal Messages

Surprise your loved one and help them feel connected with a personal message from family or friends! This small gesture can have a big impact on your loved one by increasing their feelings of connectedness, reducing social isolation and demonstrating that LifePod is an extension of your personal care.


To add a personal message for your loved one, log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal and click “Create Check-In”. Create your own or use our sample routine below to get started!


Use the example below to get started!

Initial Question: Would you like to hear a special message from you granddaughters?

Reply if answer is positive: Hi Papa! We were just thinking of you and wanted to say we love you. Have an amazing day!

Reply if answer is negative: No problem. Your granddaughters hope you have a wonderful day!

Be sure to opt into real-time text alerts to confirm that your loved one responded. Don’t worry if they missed the routine — you can use the duplicate function to play it again at a different time!