How it Works

LifePod expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with a unique Proactive-Voice Platform and Caregiver Portal that provides an easy-to-use, 2-way voice service for older adults aging-in-place and chronically ill patients in their homes AND their caregivers!  Unlike traditional voice assistants, LifePod can be set up and controlled by a remote caregiver using an intuitive, online portal to configure and schedule proactive-voice check-ins, reminders, and other content providing virtual companionship.




LifePod initiates pre-scheduled routines, which are spoken aloud through the LifePod-Powered smart speaker. No need for your Care Recipient to remember anything – he or she simply listens to LifePod questions and reminders … and responds, naturally by voice!


Personalized Routines

Using the LifePod Caregiver Portal, caregivers can personalize voice-first routines to support a healthy, independent and engaging lifestyle – proactively engaging  your Care Recipient, via voice,  with the information they need  whenever they need it.


Care Team Support

Ease the minds of your Care Recipient’s loved ones and professional care providers by adding them to the Care Team.  LifePod Care Team members receive daily email reports and can opt-in to receive real-time, text alerts based on your Care Recipient’s interactions with LifePod.


Care Plan Adherence

Reinforce medical care plans with voice prompts for medication, behavioral therapies, hydration, or appointment reminders. Confirmations that each activity has been completed provides all members of the Care Team with greater peace of mind.


Social Companionship

LifePod has been shown to play an important role in reducing social isolation through access to engaging online content as well as voice-first routines that helps care recipients to feel more connected with their caregivers and to participate in social events.


Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS)

With the addition of a MobileHelp emergency response service, care recipients can summon the help they need – from a family member or an emergency response service – if and when they need it.


Smart Home Integration

LifePod’s unique proactive-voice capability to command your voice-activated smart home to do things for your Care Recipient. Even turning the lights on/off by voice can help older adults by saving them from having to walk across their room or apartment.


Text Alerts

Configure instant text message alerts to notify you about the status of high priority routines during your Care Recipient’s day, such as wellness check-ins and medication reminders. Or, get the answer to one question every day texted to you so you know they’re up and about and okay!



LifePod’s platform and devices use industry-leading security methods and best practices to ensure privacy and security throughout the LifePod service. Security and data compliance protocols are routinely tested and LifePod is currently working towards compliance with HIPAA/HITECH standards for all LifePod cloud and speech solutions, data and services.

LifePod helps caregivers take better care of their loved ones when they can’t be there in person.