Health and Independence for Mom and Dad

Meet Joe, Angela and Joey

Joe is the adoring husband of Angela and father of Joey, his eldest son. A respected Navy veteran and proud first-generation American, Joe is both self-reliant and determined. However, Joe lives with complex medical conditions that require him to follow a strict medication schedule and, in doing so, rely on the support of both Angela and Joey.

With the knowledge that a missed dose could result in medical consequences requiring hospitalization, Joe depended on a combination of his wife’s reminders and his own phone alarms to take his medication.

In turn, Angela delayed running errands or skipped events in order to ensure Joe adhered to his scheduled doses. When she did venture out, she would leave a note reminding Joe to take his medication, but reflected, “It was never a guarantee.” At the same time, Joe found it difficult to rely on his own phone reminders, particularly if he did not have his mobile device with him at the correct times or was preoccupied when the alarm sounded.

A missed medication dose and consequent hospitalization spurred Joey to offer LifePod to his parents in an effort to boost their independence and to prevent future incidences. Joey’s parents welcomed LifePod into their home without hesitation — Joe’s reasoning was straightforward but profound:

“I agreed to use LifePod because I want to live.”

LifePod Customization for Health and Independence

Joey installed the LifePod smart speaker in his parents’ home and worked with his dad to precisely time and phrase each medication reminder through the online Caregiver Portal. “The setup was really easy. I went back and forth with my dad to tweak it and meet his personal needs.”

Throughout the quick setup process, Joe responded to LifePod’s prompts while Joey customized each routine. To grab his dad’s attention, LifePod begins each conversation by stating Joe’s name, a feature that has proven to be invaluable in improving his medication adherence.

“When LifePod talks, I go take my medication immediately…there’s almost no chance I’m going to forget my pills.”

Not only does this call to action and follow-through benefit Joe’s health, it provides immeasurable relief to Angela and Joey. Angela has a renewed sense of independence knowing that LifePod is there for Joe even when she can’t be. “LifePod has given me a little bit of independence. If I go out to do errands, LifePod’s my backup.”

As a remote caregiver, Joey receives real-time text message notifications that alert him to his father’s response to each medication routine.

“I really like the texts because I can get right back to my dad and be another reminder.”

Additionally, the daily email report summarizing his dad’s responses for the day allow Joey to take a big-picture glance at his father’s daily habits and make any necessary adjustments to his routines. Joey noted, “It’s really easy to make those changes.”

24/7 Care and Engagement

Joe, Angela and Joey also utilize LifePod for daily activities beyond medication. An early afternoon hydration reminder often results in Joe’s immediate response. Angela attests, “When LifePod comes on, it gets his attention. He’ll get up and get a glass of water. That’s a good reminder for him because, in the past, he’s had issues with it.”

Other features of LifePod provide a sense of engagement and even comic relief throughout their day, a natural fit for Joe and Angela’s lighthearted dynamic. Joe loves accessing his favorite music with LifePod and often fills his home with the tunes of Jimmy Durante. Angela enjoys the humor that comes with both the personalized routines and the streaming content. “LifePod’s entertaining!”

The balanced collection of personalized LifePod routines support both Joe and Angela throughout their day-to-day lives, going beyond Joey’s original goals for his parents.

For Joe, it comes down to his health and medication adherence: “LifePod makes for a longer life.”