Grocery Check-In During COVID-19

If your loved one is unable to safely leave their home to grocery shop, use this check-in and text alert to help keep their refrigerator and pantry stocked!


Log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal and select “Create Check-In” to customize this routine for your loved one. Be sure to select a frequency that works best for you and your loved one!

Initial Question: Your son wanted to check in with you about your food. Do you need him to pick up groceries this week?

Reply if answer is yes or positive: Thank you for telling me. I will let your son know and have him contact you to get the list.

Reply if answer is no or negative: That is good to hear! I’m glad you’re all set. He’ll check in again next week. Have a good {day}!

Opt in to text alerts to receive real-time notifications of your loved one’s response.