Flu Shot

Fall is finally upon us! Does your Care Recipient need a flu shot? LifePod can help remind them! Log into your LifePod Portal and create a new Wellness Check-In and click “Create Your Own” under “Wellness Check-In.” Follow the template, but don’t forget to personalize! Here is an example:

Initial Question: Happy Autumn! Hope you’re enjoying the first few days of fall! Maybe it’s time to get your flu shot. Would you like one?

Reply if answer is positive: Great! I’ll let your daughter Eva know you want one.

Reply if answer is negative: Okay. This year looks like it might be a bad year for the flu. When you talk with Eva this week, she might suggest you getting one.

You can tell LifePod to alert you if the response is negative by checking the box next to “Text Alert.” You can also select “yearly” to make this a yearly event.