Elder Care Innovator HomeThrive Selects LifePod to Augment Care Services for Family Caregivers and their Aging Loved Ones

Lifepod’s Proactive-Voice Caregiving Service Included as an Added Benefit to HomeThrive Customers

BOSTON – September 11, 2019 – LifePod® Solutions Inc., the first-ever, proactive-voice caregiving service, today announced that elder care innovator HomeThrive has selected LifePod’s voice-first service for rollout to an initial 100 HomeThrive customers. As over 34 million people are serving as unpaid caregivers to an adult over the age of 50, they are increasingly seeking programs that enable their loved ones to live independently at home while simultaneously reducing the stress and work for family caregivers who are often employed full-time. HomeThrive and LifePod are combining efforts to offer a comprehensive care service, as an employer or payer benefit, that integrates LifePod’s innovative, voice-first caregiving service with expert coaching and personal assistant services which are provided by one of HomeThrive’s CareGuides, a masters-level social worker who is assigned to support the entire family.

The National Caregiving Alliance estimates that 29% of American adults are serving as a caregiver to one or more family members. Caring for an aging family member can take up a lot of time and energy, resources in short supply for many working adults. The time and energy spent on caregiving can be a burden for the employers of caregivers, as these costs are passed on in the form of lost productivity. Each year, in fact, caregiving costs the US economy $25.2 billion in lost productivity according to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Survey (2011).

We’ve been impressed by the results of our testing of LifePod’s innovative service and we’re thrilled to offer it to our customers to complement our range of support services,” said David Greenberg, HomeThrive’s Co-Founder and Managing Director. “LifePod’s proactive and personalized service will make it easier for family caregivers and aging adults to live independent lives, while still remaining in close, constant contact.

We are proud to partner with HomeThrive to provide additional peace of mind to working family caregivers and enable their aging relatives to live independently,” said Stuart R. Patterson, CEO of LifePod. “The combination of HomeThrive’s expert coach and personal assistance service with LifePod’s intuitive and proactive voice service represents the perfect blend of professional high-touch with state-of-the-art high-tech to help both caregivers and care recipients alike.

To ease the caregiving strain on their employees, employers offer HomeThrive as a new elective benefit option. HomeThrive supports caregivers with a dedicated CareGuide, coordination of often-necessary third-party services such as transportation, meals, or home care, as well as a digital portal and app that tie it all together for a stress-free experience. All the while, aging loved ones get the attention and assistance they need without giving up their dignity or their home.

Using an intuitive, online portal and dialogue management platform, LifePod simultaneously monitors and supports aging family members via personalized voice prompts, while also providing real-time alerts, daily reports, periodic voice check-ins and more. LifePod’s always-on connection between the HomeThrive CareGuide and aging relative is a natural extension for HomeThrive, which aims to help aging adults live with dignity and pleasure at home while easing the strain on their family caregivers.

The news builds on LifePod’s recent momentum, which includes highly successful pilot programs with the Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) and luxury assisted living provider Wingate Healthcare, resulting in the expansion of services to 600 clients and residents.  On August 29th, LifePod and the American Heart Association also announced their collaboration on a groundbreaking study, along with CCA, on the impact LifePod could have on outcomes for patients at risk of heart failure.


About HomeThrive

HomeThrive provides non-medical care management and personal assistance services to help aging loved ones thrive at home with dignity and purpose. HomeThrive matches each client and their family with one of its dedicated masters level social workers who begins by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of home safety, health, and well-being to inform a personalized care plan. The same social worker develops a trusted relationship with the senior and provides ongoing expert coaching to embrace healthy behaviors and identifies, recommends, and coordinates any necessary third party services to provide meals, transportation, home care, medication delivery or other essential offerings. To learn more, visit https://www.homethrive.com


About LifePod Solutions

LifePod® is the first proactive-voice, AI-powered caregiving service developed with a singular goal in mind: to support and improve the quality of care and life for both caregivers and care recipients throughout their journey together. LifePod’s customizable functionality fits the unique needs of a wide range of caregivers supporting older adults aging in place as well as those suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities at home. Winner of the Best of Show award in Patient-Focused Software at the 2019 Bio-IT World, LifePod’s two-way voice service expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with patented technology that supports natural voice dialogues, configured and controlled by remote caregivers. The LifePod team, comprised of experienced voice and health technology veterans, works closely with families, professional caregivers and senior living communities to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term and chronic care by enabling care recipients to be happier, healthier and safer in their own homes. To learn more and pre-order your LifePod today, visit https://lifepod.com.

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