Doctor’s Appointment

Support your loved one with gentle, thoughtfully-timed routines to help them prepare for, attend and follow up on doctor’s appointments!

To create your own personalized routines, log in to the LifePod Caregiver Portal and use the reminder and check-ins below for inspiration!

Day Before Appointment: Reminder

Initial Prompt: I just wanted to remind you that you have an appointment with Dr. Robinson at 3:00 PM tomorrow. I’ll check in before you leave!

Day of Appointment: Check-in

Initial Question: Hope you’ve had a great day! It’s 2:00 PM. Are you ready to leave for your appointment in 30 minutes?

Reply if answer is positive: Well done! I hope the appointment goes well.

Reply if answer is negative: No problem. You have 30 minutes to get ready before you need to leave.

Appointment Follow-Up: Check-in with text alert

Initial Question: Did your appointment with Dr. Robinson go well today?
Reply if answer is positive: That’s wonderful news! Have a great night.
Reply if answer is negative: I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll let your daughter know.

Be sure to select “Alert me via text” for this routine to get real-time insight into your loved one’s response.