LifePod has formed a special partnership with CCA

CCA Members can now get a LifePod completely free of charge

Stay connected to your care team, especially during COVID-19.

CCA and LifePod have worked together to craft an experience to help CCA members stay connected to their care team and remain independent. LifePod will assist you with everyday life, it asks you questions about your health, provides COVID safety reminders, and so much more. As long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi internet connection, we handle all the setup!

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“LifePod is my companion, I love the way it just talks to me. It is a very good solution if you are all alone and need reminders.”

AMADO — CCA Member

“I like the new routines. That’s so helpful, I’m so thankful. COVID’s all over the news and it’s so overwhelming and I don’t know what to believe. It feels good to have LifePod checking in on me.


“LifePod calls me by my name and I like that a lot… better than Alexa [because it’s] talking to me directly.”


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See how a real life CCA member makes use of LifePod. 

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To learn more about getting one, call 1-844-LIFEPOD (1-844-454-3376)