Brotherly Love

Meet Teri and Jori

Teri is a compassionate physician and a voice technology enthusiast in British Columbia, Canada. Most importantly, he is an advocate for and the younger brother of Jori.

Jori is in his late 40’s and leads an independent life with the support of his family, in-home services and LifePod. His day-to-day schedule is busy and often filled with hustle and bustle. Jori wakes up well before dawn in preparation for work at a local store, participates in exercise class and keeps a close eye on the local sports teams.

In the years before LifePod, the brothers’ mom repeatedly called Jori to ensure he stayed on schedule, took his medication and was prepared for the upcoming day. As their mom aged, Teri became determined to empower Jori to continue leading as self-reliant a lifestyle as possible while easing the weight of responsibility on their mom. LifePod’s proactive-voice service offered an unprecedented solution.

Designed to Support and Customized to Delight

Teri’s goals for LifePod were clear from the beginning: “It’s really about helping my mom and Jori…for me, it’s peace of mind.” Achieving these objectives required only two steps: installing the LifePod device in Jori’s apartment and creating personalized routines in the Caregiver Portal.

Jori was enthusiastic about trying the new technology and eagerly welcomed the device in his home. Together, he and Teri created a customized LifePod routine schedule to support a well-balanced day. As a whole, the prompts provide high-quality interactions. Each routine helps to ensure that Jori has plenty of time to get ready for work, encourages him to complete his care plan and wellness tasks and allows him to feel engaged while at home through a range of voice content services, including the daily news. Moreover, each of Jori’s routines is phrased by Teri to support him in a personalized manner with a splash of brotherly love.

“The fact that LifePod was proactive and once I set it up for him, it was ready to roll — it was easy and will do what it needs to do.” -Teri

The morning after installing the LifePod, Teri and his mom received their first daily email report summarizing Jori’s responses to each routine — and breathed their first sigh of relief.

LifePod’s Benefits: Above and Beyond

By including Jori’s name, date and time in routines, he feels personally connected to LifePod while being simultaneously grounded over the course of the day and week. The benefit of his conversational dialogues with LifePod go well beyond his expectations. Living alone can result in extensive quiet time for Jori, and LifePod helps to fill these moments with companionship.

“Having a device in his place that he can talk to helps minimize his social isolation.” -Teri

Additionally, each evening, Jori is reminded of what’s on the docket for the next day to help prepare him for success. In turn, LifePod boosts Jori’s confidence in leading a more self-dependent lifestyle while allowing both Teri and their mom to feel connected with far fewer repetitive phone calls.

Since the initial installation, Teri has expanded Jori’s LifePod Care Team to include their other two brothers. Each brother receives a daily email report and has the ability to opt into real-time text alerts for particularly high-priority routines.

When asked how LifePod has benefitted their family, Teri responded, “It’s knowing that there’s a device that is giving Jori the reminders that he needs and keeping him on track.” In the six months since installing LifePod, its customizable routines and notifications have provided Teri, Jori and their family with enhanced care, peace of mind and greater independence.