A Sneak Peek Into This Week’s Schedule

Set your loved one up for success by creating a LifePod routine that offers a sneak peek of their schedule or important activities for the day or week!

Get started creating this personalized routine by clicking “Create Check-In” in the Caregiver Portal.

Initial Question: Would you like to hear your big events for the week?

Reply if answer is positive: Okay! Tomorrow, your home care partner will arrive at 8:00 AM. You have speech therapy at 11:00 AM on Wednesday and lunch with your friend, Susan, at 1:00 PM on Thursday. Your son, Jamal, will be here for dinner at 6:00 PM on Friday!

Reply if answer is negative: No problem! I’ll check back next week.

Want to confirm that your loved one heard their schedule? Opt into a text alert and select the response type for which you’d like to be notified!