LifePod Announces Early Access to First Proactive-Voice Virtual Caregiver Service — read more

Meet LifePod

The first proactive-voice Virtual Caregiver: Making those we care for happier, healthier and safer in their homes, and providing valuable data and increased peace of mind to their professional and family caregivers.

LifePod’s unique, proactive-voice service speaks to and with care recipients. LifePod follows a schedule set by a caregiver and uses words that can be personalized through its Online Portal. By speaking to care recipients, LifePod helps them follow a well-balanced care plan, whether it involves taking medicine, eating healthy foods, listening to music, or contacting a caregiver. Extensive testing has shown personalized voice-first interfaces make older adults and chronically-ill patients not only happier, but healthier and safer in their homes… while providing important information and peace of mind to their professional and family caregivers.

What People Are Saying

“LifePod has become a source of social connection… It is an antidote to loneliness, which is a social determinant of health.”

Dr. John Loughnane
Chief Innovation Officer,
Commonwealth Care Alliance

"Gives you more of a schedule and structure because I can get distracted with things. If I stick to the schedule with [LifePod], I’d be better off."

Care Recipient

“I love the behavioral health aspect. It feels nice to have someone checking in on Mom. I think it’s a very positive thing.”


Improving Quality of Life for Care Recipients and their Caregivers


Family Care and Support

LifePod provides you with greater peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for and supported around-the-clock by voice-first routines that have been scheduled and personalized by you… from across the street or across the country.


Patient-Centered Healthcare in the Home

LifePod is a breakthrough in patient engagement and patient-centered care thanks to its configurable, voice-first routines that support care plan adherence, overall wellness and social connection while providing in-depth, data-driven insights to professional care providers.


Community Care and Support

Differentiate your community and enable your residents to lead an independent, engaging and healthy lifestyle with LifePod’s voice-first routines configured by you and their family caregivers to support their overall well-being, engagement and quality of life.